Hello from Dubai


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I just adopt a 5 months old dachshund. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1350405964.053637.jpg
He is adorable :)
I m a first time owner to a dachshund.We have also Shih Tzu.She is almost a year old and they are really like each other.
Now we are trying to choose a name for him.
We are have two names:
Kenzo and Vito
Si what you guys think about both names.
He's adorable! Congratulations on the new family member. Dachshunds are fun to have around :)
I also like the name Vito
Can I also ask you what kind if dachshund is he?I read some things about the breed but cat divide on the type and color.He is definitely with short coat for now (the mother is short haired and the father is long).Can this change?I kind of like more the short once and wish hi stay as it is :)
Im not sure on color (i myself only know a few color names for this breed)

But as for long/short hair. He looks like he will possibly stay a short hair.
I don't think it can change. although I'm not 100% sure.

Edit: I looked some colors up, he looks like he's possibly a red dachshund :)
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Welcome, Komodeno, to you and your new doxie! He is adorable. My vote is for Kenzo. Then you could call him Ken for a nickname! :D
Update on the name.He will be called Kenzo,the kids voted for this name and since our Shih Tzu is called Gucci they will be a designer couple :)