Fastes Dixie Run Lily Run


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OMG --- Lily is new to us 1 yr old and has been with us for 2 weeks. All has been going great, she gets along with the other pups, she poops outside, she's eating well.
Today I thought I would take them all for a ride so I put Thor and Streach in the car came back for Lily and the minute I opened the latch on the gate she shoved thru and off she went.
Faster than a speeding bullet --- down the street.
I thank God no cars were coming and that I can still run LOL. I was praying the whole time for speed and to be able to catch her. Well I did a 3 blocks later, man can she run!!!
So..... Looks like we will be working on the COME command just a hole lot harder and the STAY command also.
Needless to say we did not go for a ride today.
Got to love her :eek:


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My first deaf dog liked to bolt out the door when I first adopted her... Lots and LOTS of treats for looking at me, coming to me, sitting and such completely cured her, she is a seriously obedient dog now, with 100% recall who never takes off... such an awesome dog!

Basically, I always had her food in my pocket, she got only a few pieces of food in her dish, the rest she got for doing something. I started with giving her a piece every time she looked at me, then for coming to me, then for sit, then for different tricks... THEN I took it outside. she got food for looking at me on walks, then we worked on obedience moves, then one day, I let her off leash, she got a treat every time she came near me, which turned her into the ping pong dog LOL... then I started giving her treats only if I waved her in first, then changed it up, sometimes a game of tug, sometimes a treat, and sometimes a fuss.

Now I have a deaf dog with perfect recall :)

Mouse and Boo, However, not so much... they are true hounds, who's noses go down and they're done... I have not been able to do near the off leash work with them as I was able with Scout, as they cant see very well, either, and that worries me, so I'm afraid to let them off leash ever.


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Yes, I'm fixing to do some serious training with her, this little episode scared me to death. I was picturing her getting hit by a car the entire time I was running after her.
My other two are great they sit at the edge of the gate and no matter what goes by or anything they dont move till I tell them it's ok.
Well this is just part of getting a rescue I just wish I had known --- she had not even hinted that she was capable of doing that.
Little sneak keeping secrets! :rolleyes: