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Proud new mama of a mini doxie here : ) her dad is a short hair, mom is a wire hair and I can't figure out what she will be! No matter what she'll be spoiled but im just curious what others think : )


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Many years ago, (40+,) we were stationed with the military in what was then West Germany. I was given a 16 week old black and tan dachshund puppy. She was registered with a German dachshund club as a "rauhaar" (wire hair) and had been tattooed with a registration number in her ear. Both of her parents were wire hair dachshunds. She never developed the wire hair, and looked like a smooth hair. Her fur was a bit more coarse to the touch than a smooth hair, but you could only tell by petting her and then petting a smooth hair dachshund. I adored her and to this day, I miss her terribly. My theory on this is that she was a genetic throw back to the original smooth hair dachshund.

Just love her and she will be you best friend, your baby, and a total delight. She is absolutely precious in her photos.
Whatever coat she will have, I think she is absolutely adorable, with a tummy that just begs for a kiss!