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    Skin concern

    Hi, I’ve booked an app at the vets but if anyone has experience in dachshund skin problems any advise is welcome. I rescued a 6 year old dachshund a few months ago and he had theses spots of dark hairless skin on him, but now I’ve noticed a few more?
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    Coat type?

    Proud new mama of a mini doxie here : ) her dad is a short hair, mom is a wire hair and I can't figure out what she will be! No matter what she'll be spoiled but im just curious what others think : )
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    Our first ever post... Hair trim question

    Hi fellow doxie owners and lovers! I have a 9 month old long hair dapple mini dachshund named Inky, whom I love to the moon and back! Anyway, I took him to the groomer yesterday for the first time for a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and just a hair trim around the bum (we've been having...