Clarence The Doxie from Minneapolis


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My wife and I just adopted a ten month old mini dachshund named Clarence. He's a wonderful addition to our house. He loves to cuddle but is quite nervous of new people and situations, which has made things difficult living in the city. We're excited to read through some of these threads and hope to get some advice on house training him (he's partially trained) and building his confidence a little bit better. Looking forward to learning about everyone's doxies! - Tony and Jen
Welcome! Clarence is a perfect name for a Doxie! LOL I hope you find the info you're looking for, and enjoy the forum!
Hello from Sweden.

Our dach is also a bit shy of strangers. He barks and wont go sniff them. We tell our guests to ignore him, no touch no talk no eye contact. After a short while his curiosity takes over and he sniffs people. Let it take time, dont force him to meet people on walks or i parks. Let him meet on his on terms.

We do tricks to strengthen his confidence. He loves it. :)

Good luck with your new friend.