Chewing Fleece Blanket


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We have a four month old puppy that has begun chewing and sucking parts of his fleece blanket in his kennel and swallowing it. I don't want to pull his blanket out and have him with nothing soft in his kennel when he is in there or sleeping but I am worried about him eating it. I have seen small pieces of it in his poop so I know he is indeed swallowing it. I have tried telling him no and pulling him from the blanket and giving him a chew bone or toy but he wants to go back to the blanket. Any ideas or suggestions out there? Also, he had been doing a good job of not biting our fingers but in the past day or two he has started biting again. We do the telling him no and giving him something else to chews but he wants to go back to our fingers. Is this just another chapter in teething or puppyhood?


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try this

Try boiling big beef bones from the grocery store and only put his blanket in the kennel when he sleeps. His biting is a puppy thing but keep enforcing the word no with tapping on his nose while saying no to him. This has worked pretty well with our pup.


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Watson did (does?) this as well. He never had any problems internally, but I would tell him no when I caught him doing it. It seems like maybe it was an anxiety thing.


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my 9 year old dog still does this... drives me nuts because I have holes in all my bedding and blankets. And I have yet to be able to get him to stop! I even resorted to nose tapping... all THAT did was make him only do it when I can't see him.