Anyone work there doxie in agility or other performance events


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I am wanting to work Patrick in Performance events, obediance, aglilty. Anyone else? I would like to get some pointers on training a doxie. An instructor I trained under trained a doxie to get his AKC judging license, He mention a few stubborn traits that the doxie has.

I would avoid agility with a Dachshund, their backs aren't up to jumping. Obedience, Rally-o and Canine Freestyle are very good events for a Doxie though... if you can convince them to co-operate! LOL
Obedience and Agility with my dachshund

Hi Tim,

I have been training and practicing agility and obedience skills with my 6 year old dachshund Hershey for about 4 or 5 years. It is true that agility can be hard on dachi's back if they do jumps (especially if they are too high of jumps or too many). However, there are many events in agility competitions which do not have jumps, such as tunnelers.
What specific advice are you looking for? Are you interested in learning how to train certain commands or just getting your dog motivated or something else? I'd be glad to answer your questions :)
I've trained obedience with Manu. He's very good at it and learns fast, but we haven't performed.. I'm going to start agility as soon as i have some time and in the spring we'll start blood tracking. :)