Any sewing designs?


Oh, my gosh, Vizzla, these coats are amazing!!! You are really talented! I love the one with the daschund and paw prints appliques. Sooo cute!! (yes, Wandering Man, I said, 'cute'!!) I like the raincoat, last one, too.

How do you 'size' the pattern? How are you doing the measurements? So creative and fun..:cool:


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Thank you! I have never sewed in my life before I got a Dachshund and nothing from the store fits :( So I startet last year to learn!

I always cut a pattern from paper first to fit the dog. I tape it around him (he´s not so fond of it but nicely standing still looking at me with disapointment). When the paper-pattern is fited I start cutting from fabric. They were´nt fitet perfectly on those pics, I adjustet some of them so they fit bettern now.

I did the pawprint from reflecting material just for fun. I thought it would look cooler with pawprints. I want som reflexes on him so everyone can see him in the dark. He is kind of smal.

Everyone I meet loves the "alf" text on him. They see it coming down the road and laugh when we pass them :) "His name is Alf?" "yes it is" "oh that is so cute" :D


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Hello everyone.

I want to sew a new sweater or coat to my dachshund. Do you have any designs or fabrics to inspire me?

This is some of what I done for him...

Now I made a new harness.

This is it (im proud since I had to sew it myself when the sewingmashine crashed :( Never done this before.
The text on the leash says: Watch out for dog with reflex material :)



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What amazing coats Vizzla!! I am having inspiration (and envy :p) looking at what you did. If at some point you have the time, I would especially like the first one traced out on a paper and mailed to me in Canada!! :D I think I would be able to put something like that together for my crew. I've done the 'same old thing' so often, I wouldn't mind a change.

I don't know if you'll like these, but you never know when inspiration might hit!

This is a flirty little harness...

Here's the underneath..

Not a harness but a velvet flirty dress with bling at the waist...It's got a heart on the front as though she were wearing a necklace...

Harness with double fleece...

The orange underneath is shown as edging on the top side..

Harness... Top is green with rusty colored oak leaves and matching plaid underneath. The perfect find, acorn buttons you can see on the back to hold the D ring in place. I actually squealed in the fabric store when I saw those. Perfect for a red man...

Too much information??? lol

I find that in the summer, if it's getting too warm, I can wet down the harnesses to help keep the dogs cool.


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You guys are so good at this... :) Awesome work!!
I found some baby-pics of Manu where he's wearing the one and only coat I ever sewed him. And here's also what the coat was made of... My husbands old pants, of course! :D



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Thank you for liking my things :) Im just starting to learn so its not yet professional quality but he likes it and wont go out without them :D

Im dont know how to make patterns but heres a link to the webpage with the pattern I made the first one from. Maybe you can use it?

Tass & Tyg -


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Thanx for that tip Vizzla, I could try making one of those for our junior also. :) My mom likes to knit and she's promised to knit Manu a sweater. :)