1. K

    Dietary supplements: Mini Dachshund

    Hello, I'm new here and wanted to see if anyone has recommendations for supplementing my 18 week old smooth haired mini dachshund to stop flaky dry skin and generally ensure his wellbeing is optimised. I currently feed him Royal Canin Mini Junior Kibbles but read something about adding enzymes...
  2. Roxiemic

    Dark spots on sheet where he sleeps

    So the last couple nights I have found dry dark spot on my bed in the area where my dachshund sleeps. Some of his stool has been on the darker side. By that I mean the beginning is but the rest is normal. But that doesnt worry me as much as the spots. Is it blood? Is it from his anal sacs? Or...
  3. ScaryCarrie

    Spay complications?

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and needing some advice. My 3 year old girl, wednesday was spayed 2 weeks ago. Since then, she's dropped weight (not alarming yet but I've noticed it) and she's been sleeping in a fetal position a lot, and doing a lot of shaking. She has an appointment with the vet...
  4. ishe

    Hey from Mx! Rescued a Doxie, his name is Watson and need some guidance!

    Hello, everyone! A friend sent me a photo of a dog in the streets, all bones, dirty and soaked. See a photo: Instagram He came home a month ago but I have no previous experience with dogs so everything's quite weird for me. Named him Watson (yes, because of the Sherlock Holmes...
  5. L

    6 week old fell off the couch!

    My 6 week old puppy, Carlos, was asleep and I got up to get him some food and seconds later I heard him fall off the arm of the couch onto hard tile. At first, his jaw seemed to be locked up but seconds later he was fine. Walks around fine. Acts normal. Eating fine. I rubbed all around his...
  6. C

    Please help!

    I'm new here and in need of help. My doxie Logan, injured himself Monday rendering his hind end pretty much useless. Since then, he hasn't had a poo. I've tried the ice cube trick as well as a vasoline q-tip inserted to get things going. Both activated his muscles as they should, but with no poo...
  7. D

    Feel Bump Under Skin in Back Area

    I have attached a picture of a bump that I felt/found on Dooley last night. He doesn't yelp when I press it or feel it. He is running and moving fine. It does feel hard when I press it and around it. He is eating fine, playing fine, laying around fine. Any ideas what it might be? Should...
  8. O

    How can I keep my dogs from peeing allover the house? Is this a behavioral problem or

    I have two 12 year old miniature female dachshunds (Dagny and Daphnee, litter mates). During the last two months they have been drinking lots of water and peeing allover the house for no apparent reason. They have had accidents inside before but have never done anything like this. The vet has...