1. winston&murphy

    Best feeding options?

    Hi I'm new here! I have two dachshunds both under 2 years and am wondering what the best feeding option would be? Right now me and my boyfriend are switching around(I know is awful, just trying to find what is best) between things along the lines of the dachshund specific royal canin, purina...
  2. K

    Dietary supplements: Mini Dachshund

    Hello, I'm new here and wanted to see if anyone has recommendations for supplementing my 18 week old smooth haired mini dachshund to stop flaky dry skin and generally ensure his wellbeing is optimised. I currently feed him Royal Canin Mini Junior Kibbles but read something about adding enzymes...
  3. D

    Cutting Back Feeding

    When we first got Dooley as a little pup we put him on a 3 times a day feeding schedule (6am, 12pm, 6pm). He is now 7 months old and is weighing in at about 9.5 lbs. He isn't overweight according to all the information and pictures I have researched and compared him to. It wasn't a problem...