Cutting Back Feeding


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When we first got Dooley as a little pup we put him on a 3 times a day feeding schedule (6am, 12pm, 6pm). He is now 7 months old and is weighing in at about 9.5 lbs. He isn't overweight according to all the information and pictures I have researched and compared him to. It wasn't a problem feeding him three times a day because of work schedules and then my son being our of school we were always with him. Our work schedules have changed a little and my soon will soon be doing back to school, so . . .

I am wondering if we could go to a 2 times a day schedule (6am / 6pm). We would feed him the same amount (right now that is 1/3 cup 3 times a day) but do it in only 2 feedings. Any thoughts from any seasoned owners out there?


Hi, I normally cut to two meals at six months. As the pups growth spurt slows down they generally need a little less so rather than feed the same amount in 2 meals as 3 I would try to stick to the same amount you have been feeding at each meal and just feed the 2. You will soon know if he is ravenous! Dachshunds do have a tendency to weight gain and it doesn't do them any favours! lol


We feed our guys (18 mo. and 15 mo.) 1/4 cup, two times per day. The younger is also the larger, and had been a little heavy till we cut back to this amount. I had thought that since he was larger, he should have more, but no. We supplement with frozen green beans that we keep thawed out in the fridge so he feels full. Since he has lost some weight, he is MUCH more active and the tail wags a lot more than it used to. I agree with Nell, do not overfeed.