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    New to the forums and needing advice...

    Have you thought about getting another dog?
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    Need some advice please.

    You need to work on building his confidence. Teach him new tricks, teach him to excel at something he enjoys... This is the best method for helping a soft dog overcome fear. Eventually most dogs outgrow it. And just as an aside...
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    Leg Lifting and more..

    It's best to wait until they are fully mature so that they can develop properly and avoid urinary problems.
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    Leg Lifting and more..

    Neutering will help, but in all honesty, you could help him understand that that behavior isn't warranted. If you catch him in the act, correct him. Then take him out and praise. But yes, I do think it is a marking issue and it usually is with intact males.
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    Nail Trimming

    I use the clipper and the dremel every 6 weeks or so. It's not difficult. If I didn't have 4 dogs, though, I would probably take them in to be done. Just easier. Lol.
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    Might Be Taking The CGC Test Next Month!

    Huh? I've never heard of the CGC requiring you to be separate from your dog?
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    How you feel about...

    I am a supporter of feeding fresh food... But not necessarily people food. Veggies aren't really all that beneficial to dogs and cooked meat isn't, either. Raw meat would be best for them as far as feeding fresh/raw meals.
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    Long-haired Doxie

    Some back yard breeders mix short and long haired dogs, which is a big no-no in the reputable breeder world. It can have a huge effect on the coat.
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    Off-leash Question

    Doxies are notorious for having issues off leash. You just need to work on a very solid come command. My Doxie, fortunately for me, came well behaved. ;) Lol
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    The Lizard Dilemma

    I let mine catch them and sometimes eat them. It is good mental stimulation for them and they enjoy it, so I don't see why not? One lizard doesn't keep away enough bugs for me to stop my dogs from having fun.
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    Eh, mine has swallowed worse. I would just keep a close eye on him. If he appears to be in any discomfort, or if his stomach gets swollen and hard, take him in to the emergency vet.
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    Long Haired Puppy Coat Question

    I would try adding fish oil to his diet or finding a fish based dog food formula. Fish is great for coats. Other than that, a vet trip may be in order.
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    Long Haired Puppy Coat Question

    Yeah, not normal. What kind of food are you feeding him? Food has a HUGE impact on a dogs coat.
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    Recommending Treats?

    I have a dehydrator and I make jerky for treats. They love it.
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    OMG!!! 77lb Dachshund!!!

    Exactly. She is also feeding him carrots, which I see no issue with normally, but carrots turn to sugar and that helps store fat. Something a severely obese dog doesn't need! She claims to be educated in canine nutrition...but it sure as hell doesn't seem like it. I tried. She doesn't want...