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    Facbook talk?

    Doxie friends, dearest dachshunds
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    New Member multiple wieners :)

    Hello and welcome from Pennsylvania! Sounds like you have a house full of doxies with attitudes. We have three dad, mom and baby. Love them!!
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    New Dachshund Person

    Welcome from Pennsylvania! Glad you joined the forum.
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    Dachshund Specialty in Canada

    Congrats to you both, pics are beautiful!
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    Hello From Missouri USA

    Welcome from Pennsylvania! Love your story! Glad she loves you.
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    Hello from an Army Wife

    Welcome from Pennsylvania, Krissy, glad you joined the forum. Alot of informative and friendly people on here.
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    One year ago today I lost my best friend Samantha.

    I counted the days like you did for my boys anniversary date. Always know that she will be in your heart forever and gave you many years of joy! Now Brandy will do the same, it's a good feeling knowing you can love another dog.
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    I don't believe it is cancer. Does her nose have a bad smell? Sounds like she just has bad allergies and allergies causes mucus and dryness that can lead to tingy blood in the nose. It could be a sinus infection.
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    Hi from Spain

    Hello and welcome from Abington, Pennsylvania.
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    Hello, we're new here

    Sounds like you have alot of fun with them!
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    Hello, we're new here

    Hello and welcome from Pennsylvania! I must say you have some good looking pups, what a nice family. I hope you enjoy the forum, alot of knowledgeable people here to get information from if needed.
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    Pregnancy Week by Week

    They are really beautiful pups! I can't believe that they can nurse after a c-section, doesn't it hurt her? Good luck with the babies! I am glad Star did well during the surgery.
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    Saying hello!

    Hello and welcome from Pennsylvania!!! Some handsome boys you got there.
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    Moka broke her nail

    The same thing happened to our lab, blood everywhere, broke in the skin, so we washed with wound care wash, squeezed alot of neosporin with pain relief in it wrapped in gauze and taped it tight enough so it wouldn't fall off. It takes a long time to heal, which we treated her twice a day and...
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    Just need to let it out

    So sorry for your loss, it is one of the hardest things in life to learn to live with these tragedies that happen in our lives. Best wishes for you and your family.