Worried about my baby


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Hello all,

I have an 11yo doxie named Torrie. She had a bad fall this last Sunday night and has a sprained leg, I rushed her to the vet after it happened to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong with her back. Her X rays came out fine no back problems no broken bones etc... the Vet says she will be just fine and gave her some pain pills. Since we brought her home Monday she refuses to move at all she lays in her crate on her right side, the left leg is the one that is hurt, she screams if I try to move her or pick her up at all. She wont move to go potty, or for food or anything, I don't know what to do, has anyone else had an experience like this with a doxie? I know shes older but before her fall she never had any problems moving around, she was very active and energetic like a puppy and nothing would stop her from eating dinner, now she just looks at it and whines at me if I don't put it right under her nose. I am so lost on what to do to make her feel better, I don't think its healthy for her to not move at all. Any suggestions or advise is welcome.
Sure wish our dogs could talk. Sometimes it seems all they need are a few consonants.

X-Rays can't really tell you if there is a ruptured disc.

We thought our dog hurt his back, and it turned out to be pancreatitis.

Get her back to the vet.
Oh wow, I didn't think it could be a back problem if the vet said the x-ray was fine, I am going to call them back first thing in the morning and get her back in there to take another look. My sister says that I should just give her time to heal but it just doesn't seem right to me that she has no will to move at all.
Torrie had another exam and blood work done, nothing wrong with the blood work and the Vet still says its just a sprained leg, she seems happier these last couple days but still doesn't move much. When I talk to her she wags her tail and smiles but won't come to me or even try to walk when I tempt her with a treat. She has another check up tomorrow morning but I doubt that is going to result in anything different....
Torrie is doing so much better today!

She had another check up yesterday and the vet made her get up and walk by having me wait across the exam room and when she started touching Torrie she got scared and limped over to me. The vet reconfirmed it was nothing with her back after watching her walk and said its just going to take time and bed rest. We went home with more pain pills and I no changes yesterday.

This morning I got up and Torrie had soiled her crate, a common thing lately because she refuses to leave the crate to potty and screams and cries when I try to lift her out of it. I set her crate with her in it outside in the hope that she would decide to get out of it by herself so I could clean it up, I went back inside to give her some time to move on her own.

A little bit later I looked out the window to see that her crate was empty I was so excited to see that she got out of it on her own! I went to the back door to go see where she moved to, and as soon as I opened the door there she was, on her feet! She hopped herself over the threshold and into the house like nothing was wrong came right into the kitchen and got a drink of water then found her favorite spot in the living room and sat down. I gave her a sponge bath with no complaint from her this time.

I am just so very excited she seems to be getting back to her old self! I have been so worried because everyone has been telling me that maybe its just her time and if she doesn't get better I might have to think about putting her down, I know shes old but I can't even think about that right now I am praying that she lives to be much much older before she gets to a point that I have to let her go.
Good to hear of her progress.

I think caring for a hurting dog is worse than caring for our children when they hurt. The dog can't talk to you and doesn't understand what you are trying to do for it.

And with children, you never have to decide to "put him down" because of pain, quality of life, etc.

It is the responsibility of that decision that makes it really hard.