White Specks on Dog's Eyes?


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Our mini Doxie, who's 11 y/o, we've recently discovered has tiny white specks on her eyes. I understand no one here can diagnose her, of course, however, I thought if anyone could look and maybe recognize the problem, we'd know how urgent this issue is. We will be taking her to the vet, regardless, but are just a bit concerned. I thought maybe they could be cholesterol deposits?

Could possibly be deposits or it could be the starting of cataracts. The other thing it might be is scratches on the eyeball that have since ulcerated leaving the white specks behind as scar tissue.

Glad you're taking her to the vet because eye issues can resemble one another so that it's hard to really tell what they are.
I've seen little spots similar to that on Lucy's eye. Her's was on the outside of the eye, or appeared to be, and wasn't as white or prominent as your dog's. Lucy's almost looked like a scratch or something.She does have cataracts and I thought it might have been related to that if it wasn't just a scratch. I haven't looked really close lately so I don't know if it's still there.

Your mention of cholesterol deposits made me think of Lucy's enlarged heart. I would never have known about that without an x-ray that was done to look at her lungs.

Anyhow, sometimes these things are related and sometimes it's just nothing serious and completely unrelated. Maybe you could ask for a chest x-ray when you take her to the vet? It couldn't hurt.