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What color is Stella?


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Jul 27, 2011
Otis, Petunia and Sylvester
Okay the breeder told me I when I bought her she was a long haired english creme. The vet says she is a wired hair, but I am not sure what color she is classified as. She is now 19 weeks, and doing great. Otis loves her.


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She definitely looks like a wire maybe a wire/long hair cross. Does her pedigree have English cream in it? I've never seen a wire English cream before, I would lean more towards her being a ee red which is just a really light red.
She definitely looks like a wire maybe a wire/long hair cross. Does her pedigree have English cream in it? I've never seen a wire English cream before, I would lean more towards her being a ee red which is just a really light red.

She's not an ee red, as she has a black nose. ee's always have a liverish nose. She definitely looks like a wire.
if she is not a ee red, then what color is she. I was at a dachshund rescues ladys house the other day so Otis and Stella could have a play date, and she said maybe wheaton.
Well, as she has a black nose, she has the same colour genetics as a yellow Lab, or a Golden retriever. Basically she's black with a special gene that makes the black show "yellow" I'm not sure what the colour is, but I'll go have a look on google for you, and see if I can find the term.
Thanks I would really appriciate that
My other question is, her hair is really soft unlike My other dog Otis, the only place it even feels stiffer is on her back , but only a small area. Her head is really soft, and so is it on her chest and leggs, is she like a wire long hair mix or is a soft wire hair really soft. She feels like a long haired cat on her head and legs.
Wires can be soft, though it's not an acceptable show coat. Were both Stella's parents wire? Technically, breeders aren't allowed to cross breed coat types, though byb's often do. It's said that wires are hard to get a good uniform type of coat due to incomplete dominance of the wire gene with a recessive long or smooth gene.

Here's a quote from Dachshund colors & patterns ~ Sable, Isabella, Blue & Tan, English Cream, Chocolate & Tan, Red, Black & Tan

The Coats:

Longhairs can't carry smooth or wire.

Smooths can carry longhair, but cannot carry wire.

Wire can carry smooth and longhair.

Genetics is a struggle and partly because the way we use the language.
For each trait, a dog has a pair of genes, one donated by each parent.
A dominant trait is manifested if present in only one of the genes.
A recessive trait is manifested only if present in each gene of the pair.
For Coat type the Hierarchy goes like this:
(W)ire Absolutely Dominant
(S)mooth Dominant only to Long
(L)ong Recessive to Wire or Smooth

Dogs with a twin pair( W/W, S/S, L/L ) can only offer their own coat type to any progeny.
Since (W) is absolutely dominant, a W/W dog will only produce wires irrespective of what their mate offers.
Canada, the UK and other kennel clubs dis-allow cross-breeding of Coat types.

Two W/S dogs could produce smooth puppies. Smooth is recessive only in the presence of the Wire gene.

A W/S dog and a W/L dog could produce a S/L pair of genes, in other words, a Smooth puppy.

Two W/L dogs could likewise produce longhair pups.

Wire breeders(show) have a difficult time setting a uniform and correct coat because of the issues of incomplete dominance and the
recessive nature of the other coat types.
The mother was a wire haired she was a redish gold color and the father was smooth and he was piebald red and white
So Stella is definitely a wire, so her colour is wheaten. There ya go. She is a Wirehaired Wheaten Mini Dachshund. All sorted!
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you should of seen stellas sister. She was the only other baby in the litter, she was deffinatly creme, she was a smooth hair almost white in color. She was cute, but I went for the bigger one. Stella ran to me when I came in the breeders door, she was much more out going, I brought my nephew with me and they hit it off, so she was the chosen one. Thanks for your help.
ee reds are not dilutes, they are black dogs that appear cream colored. The ee red dachshund and cream dachshund may appear the same visually but are different genetically.

The Wienepedia™ - genetics - CCPs


Ask the breeder what color she was when she was born. A ee red would have been very light red/cream possibly nearly white. A Cream would have appeared very dark, almost black.
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She hasnt changed colors, she has always looked like a golden retriever puppy, lol. everyone thinks she is a golden. I have had her 9 weeks the only thing thats changed is her weight and her hair has gotten longer.
She's not a cream or wheaten then, she is a red, just a really light red. After doing some research, I don't think she is a ee red anymore. Reds come in some many colors its ridiculous, just like golden retrievers can be almost white all the way to a dark mahogany.

She is a cutie, I like her soft wire coat and the delicate red on her ears.
In person her ears are just about the same color as the rest of her. In pictures they always seem more red, they are actually about the color of honey