What color are my babie Dachshunds lol...


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i need help figuring out my puppies color.... i have been told as they get older their colors will change?? My babies are two weeks old.. thier mom is black and tan and dad is black and white piebold... are my babies black and tan??? They look black and cream to me from other pics i have seen... can i tell at this age or will they black and tan.. cause they are cream right now lol... help!!!!


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Awe beautiful!!!! Puppies are adorable! They look black and tan to me, but it's hard to tell at this age. wait a couple of weeks, then decide :) Whatever they are, they're GORGEOUS!!! and good luck with them :)
Very cute, and they look black & tan at the moment from the picture.

I am sure there is away to know precisely if you look at their cromosones (sp?). Probably one is more dominant than the other :confused:

They will be gorgeous what ever they are :)
ty ty

:) thanks a bunch.. i was just wondering cause they look so diff than thier mommy.. as you can see my profile pic they are soo much lighter than her... didnt know if i was wrong in calling them black/tan...lol... thanks for the info means alot. :)