Weird, I think.


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My doxie that I adopted (almost 3 yrs old) has a peculiar behavior. Anytime I use anything in a spay can such as air freshener, spray starch, cooking spray, anything like that, she goes bonkers. She starts growling, jumping it the air to attack the can, bites at it, pants really hard and basically foams at the mouth. I’ll put it away, but she obsesses about if for an hour or so after it’s put away. Is this normal behavior - has anyone had any experience with something similar. Any suggestions on how to calm her? She gets so agitated by the can, I’m afraid she is going to hurt herself.
Its probably normal, quirky behavior.

PD is now almost 8 years old. Just in the last year he has started attacking any packages that get delivered to our front porch.

As soon as we open the door, he his barking, lunging, and biting the box. My wife is usually home when UPS makes delivers, and the boxes are usually too heavy for her. So when I get home, I will find a ravaged box with a hole in one or more corners.

Once the box makes it inside, it seems it is no longer the object of his aggression.

Maybe he just doesn't like the UPS man?
The other day I found out that my friends dachie is obsessed with helium balloons. He will not stop until he gets it and once he does he will not let go!!! He can be falling asleep but will not let go of the balloon!!!
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It actually sounds like Fearful and Obsessive behaviour to me, def. not normal. Maybe someone used to punish her with a spray of water, and she's taken a serious dislike to it. Desensitization may be in order.