UK Secret Santa


Bella & Jack's Mummy
If any UK members of the forum would like to take part in a Doxie secret santa please pm me your address details and a little bit about your Doxie, likes, dislikes , allergies etc or any info you might feel a secret santa would need to know in order to choose a christmas gift suitable for your Doxie.

I have set the budget at £10 to include gift, p+p and a card if everyone agrees this is ok ?

Members must message me by the 15th November 2010 in order for me to join you up to your secret santa and exchange addresses, this will be a secret santa so no names will be sent although after presents have been delivered for christmas you can reveal what you got and who you think you sent to if you wanted :)

Presents must be sent by December 10th to ensure your present arrives in time for christmas

Please only send details if you intend to send a gift as we dont want any members sending and not receiving if you see what i mean as it wouldnt be fair

Any questions please ask :D

Thank you to Dachsundsmam for the idea x
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My sincere apologies to Karen for not sorting this I had several viruses on my laptop prior to christmas and hadnt been able to use my laptop for several weeks until hubby bought me a new one for christmas.

If you would still like to exchange gifts Karen let me know we could make it a new year gift exchange !

I also apologise for not getting onto the forum for a long while, i only had the use of my iphone.