Two Doxie-Related Questions


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This is directed to those who breed Dachshunds, since they're probably most knowledgeable in regard to my two questions below:

My 1-yr, 1-mo old female Dachshund has all her front teeth as well as those in the rear; however, the small teeth on the sides of her mouth have not quite so high as all the others. They're of course, through the gum and exposed, but it seems like they have a little growing to do. Is this normal for a Dachshund this age?

At her age mentioned above, is she still considered a puppy or an adult?

Thanks so much.


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I dont know anything about teeth so maybe someone else can answer that.

She should be concidered an adolecent/teen, she will have some spoooks, and try to test rules so be gentle but concistent ;) She is not a puppy but not an adult. She is an adult at about 2 (for some 3 years) ;)