The snip


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Bernie who is now 7 months went to have the snip today, along with my old boy Buzz who was meant to be just having a lump on his bottom eye lid removed.

I have just picked Bernie up who was looking very sorry for himself. I put him in the car on the front seat next to me. Pull up on our drive, I get out so I can open the door to carry him inside. He leaps down from the front seat runs to the front door, then in & out of every single room looking to say hello to anybody.

I couldn't believe this was the sorry little fellow I picked up minutes earlier. He has had a sleep and I have just fed him some of the vets expensive post op food, which he devoured and he is now back a sleep. By my feet.

Unfortunately Buzz op hasn't gone so well (his op went fine - no probs there). The vet phoned just as they were completing his op to say they have found a lump on Buzz's spleen. He now has had an op to remove his this, apparently the mass was about 4cm across. He is being moved to the vet hospital tonight so they can keep his pain relief going. The vet did an xray of his chest & he couldn't find any other masses so he is hoping that it has spread. A sample will go off the by anaylised.

Fingers cross he keeps going through the night, I have had an awful day worrying about them both
Bernie was a little uncomfortable, and whinny for most of the evening, but was starving he had 1/2 tin of the posh nosh the vet gave us. Slept well all night and even had a lay in :)

Mind you the amount of "Poo" that has greated me this lunch time maybe the food hasn't agreed with him :rolleyes:

Buzz made it through the night :) and was moved back to the vets this morning. All tests on his blood count look good. I collected him at 12.30 so he could have some more pain relief before the car journey home. He looks like he has gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson but is glad to be home.

I am trying to stop Bernie jumping all over him, as he is soo pleased to see him. :)

Now I am just getting over £1400+ bill I have just paid for the pair of them. I am hoping to get most back from Tesco's insurance for Buzz'z op!

Thanks for asking <3
thats brilliant news Karen am pleased they are both recovering well x

WOW £1400 :eek: good job you have insurance xxx