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The Importance Of Pet Insurance


Staff member
Sep 12, 2010
Milo, Sam , Molly
I have pet insurance for Bella x
I have insurance and did need it for quite a large claim last year.
But it's always a mixed bag- I still had to pay over £200 myself. I am inclined to distrust insurance companies- it is business, and more geared to taking money off you than ever paying any out.
Every year the increases bear no relation whatsoever to inflation, the excesses are increased, and as the dog gets older, it just gets worse.
My dachshund has arthritis and now ALL bone diseases are excluded, not just arthritis.
I do feel insurance is a one way street, in the insurer's favour.
I have insurance, but mainly for the liability side of it, if one of my animals caused an accident by running out onto the road for example, or as happened to me...a dog ran into me and dislocated my knee, although I just treated the incident as an accident, in this day of suing everyone, I rather have that piece of mind..

Otherwise I would just put away some money each month should a vet be needed.
I'm insured with more than and there was 2 options i went for the dearer package as shes so tiny and i thought if anything happened in the first year it would pay for itself kind of thing, the excess is just £70 on mine which I thought was quite reasonable my car excess is more than that!