Stands up and begs


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Hi, all. I'm a new user. My "tween" doxie, Kobe, has just completed crate rest for an IVDD episode and is doing well. However, as many doxies do, he sits up on his hind legs and begs and that's not good at all for his back. He even "hurls" himself at me. How do I train him to NOT do something? Ignoring him just makes him do it more and I get so anxious. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Hi and welcome from the UK!

Back problems are such a worry with dachshunds aren't they? interestingly our local vet clinic has just put out a request for volunteer dachshunds to take part in some new research into back problems here in the UK. I have volunteered mine so am waiting to see what will happen next???

My dachshund cross sits up on his hind legs and like you I am quite concerned about it but haven't managed to stop him :(

My new wire puppy also launches herself into mid air on a regular basis and I guess all you can do is try to keep them as safe as possible but sometimes they just don't do themselves any favours!