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This is probably more for the overseas members, although I have owned several dogs in my life non have been long haired.

We have now had Bernie's first big dump of snow and everytime he goes out he comes in a mass of think snow balls clinging to his coat. The only thing I can do is put him in the bath with luke warm water & shower the balls off.

What do the rest of you do. This looks quite painful to me.
from other people I have spoke to they say they have to dunk their dogs to get the snow off as well. Otherwise you can maybe try getting a coat to collect the show instead of the fur. This won't help the legs however...

My 3 refuse to go out in the snow, I have 2 standard long haired and 1 mini smooth (she is freezing and cuddles into the other 2 for heat) they run out do their business and scoot back in. The 2 standards (sisters) are coming up for 11 now and 1 of them has a heart problem and doggie dementia. We spend a lot of time clearing the footways for them. I did previously have another long haired male and we used to try & break off what snow we could and use a hair drier on a gentle heat to remove the rest. You need to be careful they don't catch a chill dunking them in the bath.

Wendy :eek:
Thanks for the replies. It was the 1st 2 days that the snow was collecting on him, but then it just stopped doing it for some reason.

I have just bought a lovley coat from a lady who has just started making them and we use it like a dressing gown for Bernie, lovely soft fleecy material, to nice to wear out :) being so low to the ground it would be ruined (might have to get another one for outside use :D )

OLd coat in the picture


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