Seperation anxiety


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Does anybody know what products help with seperation anxiety.
My 3 year old dachshund archie is 3 but found out the other day he howls when we are out, its mad me feel sad for him.
He is on his own for around 3 to 4 hours during week.

Im in middle of trying out thundershirt. It helps with his barking at other dogs but not sure on his anxiety.

Any products out there any if you tried?

Emma's Mom

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We keep the tv on for Emma while we are gone. Do you kennel him while you are gone? We always tell Emma to go to the "cage" and she runs in......because I always give her treats in her kennel. She now knows when we get ready to go somewhere and goes to her kennel before we ask her to. We are retired so our time away is short but if longer than four hours we have a pet sitter come by to let her out.
There are CD's for dogs that play calming music. One of my boys gets anxious during fireworks and ADP collar seems to help him.


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I've never tried the thundershirt or any other medications. I taught Sammy to be independent. I taught him to stay in the crate even when i was around the house. The 'stay command' works and you can gradually increase the distance as he learns. You could also offer a special treat, chew or toy every time you leave the house. First thing you do when you get back is take back the toy to ensure that it learns to associate your absence with a good thing. Good music and a peaceful environment also helps.