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Hi, I am new here and I really need some advice with our doxie. He is 10 years old and a little red mini. My hus and I have been married for 2 years and this dog has been a real contention for us.

We both had doxies when we met. He got his dog when he was 8 weeks old and I got mine from a rescue when he was 3.

So my husband and I met, both dogs got along.

Last year, his dog's back went out and it was over $5000 for surgery and procedures and vet visits and medication. It was months and months of rehab that my daughter and I did with him and he walked again after about 6 months, regained bowel control, etc. I am condensing it, but it was A LOT of work.

Now, after 2 weeks of him peeing and pooping on the floor again, after a $500 vet bill, the vet says he is now diabetic. It will cost approx. $150 a month for medication. I am so fed up it's not even funny.

I am not attached to the dog but my husband obviously is...He also has some respiratory probs. I feel like we can no long afford this dog nor do I have time to deal with him, but my hus does not want to put him down or rehome him. he works 12 hours a day and I am the one taking care of this dog.

I have 4 children from 2-16 and a disabled child who requires 100% care. And I am drained. He has bitten my 12 year old son, me, my 14 year old daughter and attempted to bite the baby. He growls whenever we get near my husband if he's around. He doesn't play and is truly not an enjoyable dog.

On the other hand, I have a 15 year old doxie that is still super spry and the best kid friendly, family friendly dog we could ever have. I have had him for 12 years and he's an awesome dog.

Any advice on this? How to talk to my husband, anything else that can be done for this dog, any ideas...?


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It is frustrating when they get older and have health problems. Be honest with your husband. See if he can look into other options for the medications monthly. $150 is a lot for meds for a dog - Look into other vets, online, or at your local pharmacy. I haven't personally dealt with a dog that is diabetic but look into different types of diets. Do you have a local dachshund rescue? Maybe they can direct you to where you need to go. Wish I could be of more help. Good step at a time

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I would be broken if that were my dog,but I would but him to sleep.He is not enjoying life.He is old and sick.No mater how much you will spend on him,he won't live much longer.


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Its not fair to the dog keeping him alive if he is in such bad condition. That would even your husband see? He would like his healthy dog back but it doens look like thats going to happen since its an older dog. Hopefully you can make him see that its not a good doglife for him. Sorry to hear.


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I'm sorry to hear about your 10 year old boy. Sounds like he is miserable and is making the family miserable, too. That is the one thing I don't like about pet ownership, when they get old and sick. It is so hard letting them go and accepting that it is nature - none of us will last forever.
It is so much more difficult to decide what to do with an ill dachshund. As my wife once said, if it is your child, there is no choice. But with a dog, you do have a choice.

We had to make that decision with Henry about four years ago. We put him down. We both still morn his loss and emotionally we regret the decision. However, rationally we know that we did what was best for him and us.

The pain sticks around, but is not unbearable.

If we were in the same place again? Yes, I think we would make the same decision.