Red Shaded Dachshunds and Fading.


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I was wondering if some more experienced Dachshund owners would be able to help.
I've recently gotten a Red Shaded Smooth Mini Dachshund, who is 8 weeks old.
He is great, he follows me everywhere, always up for a play, and I hope he will be around for a long time.
My question is that I was told he should fade, to be more Red than he is.
He looks exactly like this photo - - except he has a wider black stripe down his back
Can I expect him to go moderately red?
Will he atleast lose the face markings?
Thanks for your help.


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Its true that a lot of reds will lose their shading to reveal the red/brown coloring more but if you are wanting him to become a redder brown, I doubt that will happen.


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Hi There! My dachshund will be 4 years old next february. I got her at 5 weeks and she looked just like the photo you put in your post. Almost 4 years later, she has lost all the black that she used to have and is now a deep red/brown and she is short/smooth haired. Around her butt is lighter than the rest of her body but the long "stripe" down her back is deep red and the rest a lighter red. She does still have black in her tail though. Still super cute though but she definately did fade from when she was a puppy!

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