Puppy Mill Dog and potty training


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I posted on here a few weeks ago that I was getting a puppy mill dachshund. His name is Spec, and he's 6 years old. He's been at the Kentucky Dachshund Rescue for a couple of years and before that, who knows. I just know he's never been in a home and has not had consistent potty training.

I've had him for two weeks now and our potty training efforts went okay for the first week(not great, but okay. I know this is hard for him since he is older and I know it will take time.) But he has since digressed. Now he will NOT go poo in our backyard, and sometimes he won't even go when I walk him. As of right now, he has not gone poo since about 10 am this morning (it's 11 pm now.)

I've taken him out several times today since it is the weekend and I'm off work. At about 7 am this morning he went on our kitchen floor and I scolded him. My husband and I are crate training him, and at 7 am every morning one of us gets up, feeds him and the puppy, and immediately takes them outside. Then we put their food bowls away and don't feed them until later on in the day (the time can vary, depending on whether or not it is a work day).

I know that he understands he should not go on our floor, otherwise he would do it more often.

I'm going to contact a trainer at PetSmart tomorrow, but I would like to get some feedback from others who may have encountered the same situation.

I suspect there may be a couple things contributing to his behavior:

1. We've also adopted a Chow puppy (female) and she is more dominant than he is. Does her dominance keep him from wanting to go potty in our backyard? If so, why doesn't he go when I walk him? (I walk him alone).

2. Since he is a puppy mill dog, perhaps there is an emotional issue involved. I wouldn't have any idea how to handle such an issue, so any feedback would help.

**One thing that has me deeply concerned now is that the Chow puppy has stopped going poo also in the past couple days. I don't know if dogs learn this sort of behavior from each other, but if so, he is rubbing off on her. Until yesterday, she would go to the bathroom almost immediately when we let her out. She was doing great.

If anyone has ANY advice, please respond. Thank you!