Pee pee problems..HELP!!


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My wife and I just adopted a dachshund from an acquaintance. He is 3 yrs old. The pooch is an awesome dog, very sweet, and great disposition. Since he was a pup, he has been let out the back door into a fenced in yard to potty. My wife and I don't have that luxury here at our home, so he must be leash walked to "do his business"... Only he won't do number 1. He will poo in the yard, but not pee. He holds it forever, until he has a large accident in the house. Any ideas on how we can get the little guy to liberate his bladder while on leash?


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Give him diluted chicken broth. He will drink a lot if you encourage him...then take him out shortly after and wait until he goes. Praise praise praise. Other than that, he might have a UTI, so I would get him checked for that first before trying any training techniques.


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Yeah I agree with penny, give him some diluted chicken and take it out for a walk and this will help you out. If doesn't go well then you can start again crate training, or you can take it for check up.