Otis had his 1st play date with other Dachshunds


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I have been chatting with a lady does dachshund and small dog rescue in my area. She invited Otis and I over for a play date, as of right now I think there is 8 dogs 5 are fosters. She introduced them 1 at a time to Otis and then we took them into the yard to play. Otis peed on one of the doges 2 times. He had a good time, he was really nervous tho, all those new smells and a bunch of new dogs. We are going again after the new puppy comes, that way they can play with her foster dogs. Now Otis is passed out he is so tired.
He did. And then to top the week off the breeder I bought him from, which is also the one I am buying his sister from, let me bring the puppy home today instead of Monday. They are very trusting people. I havent even payed for the pup yet, they are holding her paper work tho. So now instead of one fur kid I have 2.