Other Mini Grooming ...

The comment of fur trimming and nails prompted this post.

We take our dogs to the vet every 6 weeks or so for Anal gland expression and nail trimming.

We've had three short hairs, a Standard, a Tweenie, and now a Minnie. All of them have needed help expressing themselves. We didn't realize this until our Standard started scooting himself across the rug on his butt.

I thought he just had a strange way of getting to an itch, until I did a bit of research.

We took both dogs in and found that they really were having problems. My son then took his two minnies in, and learned they were both impacted. He eventually opted for surgery to have the anal glands removed.

We've decided it is better just to take the dogs in on a regular bases to get their butts squeezed, and to do the nails at the same time.

It would be cheaper to take them to a groomer for this, but I like knowing the dogs are having routine contact with the vet. He knows us and the dogs better than if we only went in for yearly shots or occasional health problems.
Hmmm. Interesting. One rationale of choosing a short hair was not having to have him groomed every six weeks. My pekingese (who passed away three months ago at 12 yrs old) was at the groomer every six weeks for her entire life. I just didn't want to have that high maintenance again. My thought was I could trim Bree's nails myself - but the anal express thing? I don't think I'm qualified for that one! It's good that the vet knows your dogs so well. Certainly an advantage over the once or twice a year visit.