New Pup inbound, food help!


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Hi everyone,

we have our little boy arriving tomorrow night, so the board will be SPAMMED with pictures by thursday LOL!

I'm just wondering tho, he is a 14 week old mini long haird dachshund, and i've never had one from "puppy" stage before... how much am I supposed to feed the little dude? and how often? i know puppies are meant to eat more...

Charmer our older boy (6yrs) he's a little bit porky, so we are trying to slim him down.. but being a long hair he's also FLUFFY lol so it's not all weight, some of it is coat.. but he does look a little more "full figured" than most mini doxies LOL! poor guy, i tried cutting back on his food but it doesn't seem to have done much... maybe it's the food? Acana Light and fit (1/3 cup twice a day)? thats what the breeder gave us (but he was porky when we got him too)

We go for lots of walks he gets 5 or so hour+ walks a week and he gets at least 20 min daily on top of that, sometimes it's longer, depends on his mood and the weather...
anyways, we seem to have troubles with the food, so i wanna start right with the little one and the try to mend the older one! any help would be great!


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I had a big long reply typed out, but then I LOST IT!!!

so you're gonna have to wait for a bit... I really need to go to bed! LOL I'll try again this afternoon (hopefully! LOL)


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check for reviews of available dog foods. Personally I prefer grain free foods, you can really tell the difference especially in their poop! Grain can become problematic for pets with allergies, weight issues, coat issues etc. I feed Leo Orijin which is from a Canadian company. The protein content is very high in the food so not all pets can handed it.
Congrats on your new pup!


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I feed grain-free as well, and though I fed Orijen for awhile, I found 3 out of 4 dogs (didn't have Boo at the time) couldn't handle it.

I feed GO! and NOW! Also Canadian, as well as Acana Ranchland (same company as Orijen) and Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato (lower in fat and protein for the older dogs). I mix and match, as I wouldn't want to eat the same thing day after day, why would my dogs? Ollie's sensitivity to different protein has disappeared (could have been caused by the Orijen) and they all thoroughly enjoy mealtimes.

My dogs all range in age and size, I'll give you a breakdown here, so you can get an idea.

Zoe is 9 years old and 22lbs she is slightly overweight. She gets 1/2 cup of Natural Balance split into two meals a day

Scout is 8 years old and 26 lbs. Also slightly overweight (always has been since we adopted her at 4 years old) She gets a little less than 2/3 of a cup a day of Natural Balance split into two meals.

Boo is 7 years old and 9lbs. He is at an ideal weight (though was overweight when I adopted him) He gets 2/3 of a cup split into 2 meals of Natural Balance, or GO! duck or Salmon, or NOW! Chicken.

Oliver is 3 years old and 37 lbs, lean and muscular with an energy level that rivals a Border Collie. He gets 2 cups a day slit into 2 meals of GO! Duck, or GO! Salmon, or Natural Balance

Mouse is 2.5 years old and 8 lbs, she is on the skinny side sometimes, and sometimes ideal, I vary the amount she gets depending on what she looks like, but she gets 1 cup a day split into 2 meals of Acana Ranchland, or GO! Duck or Salmon or Now! Chicken. Mouse also gets a small amount of Merrick canned stew on some of her meals, not as an eating aid, but to bulk her up some when she's in a skinny phase.

None of my dogs are picky, and will eat anything I give them, including asparagus, beans and broccoli, etc. And all of my dogs (except Scout due to allergies) get a raw Chicken wing, leg or turkey neck every few weeks to keep their teeth healthy, and give them something a little more natural to eat... the LOVE it! LOL

It's very important to feed a high quality diet, and one that keeps your dog slim (especially long backed dogs like Doxie's).