New Mom!


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Hi all!

I'm a new dachshund Mom. My baby is a 9 week old chocolate and tan long hair baby girl. Her name is Adie Mae. She is doing great so far and we have a vet appointment on Thursday!

I'm really excited and looking for advice. This is my first dachshund. Any advice for a new person?

I really want Adie and I to become close. I should be the one she is around the most. My boyfriend works most of the time so it'll just be me an her other then when I am at work.

Lindsey and Adie
Welcome to the forum and to dachshunds.

Treat her like a child: Love/affection and structure/boundaries. Don't get angry when she messes up, just guide her toward the behaviors you want.

Oh, and socialize her, let her be around other people and dogs.


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i suggest you read a lot or research about the breed and teach him quickly to not jump too much, example the bed or high sofas. maybe buy a stepstool or something. most of all remember that you have work, tv, all kinds of entertainment but the dog only has you :)