New dog and (timid) 8 year old dachshund. Tips?


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My family currently has an 8 year old male dachshund and is in the process of looking to adopt a puppy. My dachshund (Louie) was very attached to our lab but he unfortunately passed and it is time to adopt a new dog. The only problem we are concerned with is that Louie is very protective of his territory and his family. He is not a huge fan of strangers but will warm up if given the chance. When I say warm up to strangers I mean that this only happens after he has been given many opportunities to meet this person and learn to trust them.

We LOVE dogs and are eager to give a dog in need a good home. However, we are not sure how (or if this is even possible) to successfully introduce the new dog to Louie. We know that this must happen on neutral territory but have heard various opinions on what to do next. I know several people who section off part of the house for the new dog and keep both parties separate until they become used to each other.

What do you all think? How should an introduction go?
Would a puppy work best in this situation since Louie is 8 and protective of his house? I cant imagine that an older dog would be a good option.

I would LOVE and appreciate your advice and opinions. We love animals and would love to adopt another one while remaining respectful of Louie as he is our first fur baby.

Thank you!!


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puppy might be annoying and overwhelming for an older dog. It depends, but an older dog might be a better choice. At 8 years, your dog is pretty much calm and mature and thinks his home is his own, might not like an active puppy in the house. It might go either way, goodluck!