New Addition To Little Pack


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One wasn't enough for me. :D I've recently adopted another rescue Dachshund named Gertie. I'm also pet-sitting my ex-husband's Dachshund. They weren't too keen on me scrunching them close together for a photo shoot.
In the first picture from left to right is PeeWee (ex-husband's Doxie), SweetPea (my original rescue Doxie), and the new addition Gertie (another rescue Doxie).
The other picture is my permanent pack. Left to right--SweetPea, Gertie.
There's nothing better than lounging around with two or three Dachshunds either surrounding ya or competing for a position in your lap.;) I'm loving life!!


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They're GORGEOUS!!! Congrats on the new rescue girl! Gertie looks absolutely ADORABLE!!!

I agree with the fact that there's nothing better than a lap full of Doxie's! I have 2 on me as I'm typing this!