NDR: What does your money look like?


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I know this is an international forum and since some new Canadian bills came out, I was curious what other country's bills looked like.

We have a huge variety of coins, but here's the latest in bills. They are polymer and have parts that are see through. Parts are halogriphic. Anyway, if you share the money in your country, I'd like to see it. (Winter is long here, what can I say?? lol)

Holding a bill up to a window to show the clear spots. Nice maple leaf on the left.


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Wow, neat!! We had new $100 bills come out recently. They're kind of blue and have a new security strip that feels kind of like tape.

The next time I have one (every payday when DH cashes his check & I put it in my account) I'll take a picture! Because other than that I never carry cash...