my dachshund not coming into season


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hi, just wondering if any of you dog lovers could help?

i currently have a 8 year old dachshund, now she was due to come into season at the beginning of march but this is now mid april & there's still no sign of her coming into season.

she was last in season end of sept/oct last year, she is normally good coming into season every 6 Months, she's had no contact with male dogs, so there's no way she's expecting puppies.

she was put on medication for epilepsy back in nov, could the medication be a cause as to whys she's not came into season?

thanks in advance for all help.


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It is very possible that the medication is messing with her system. I would have a heart to heart with your vet and find out exactly what, if any, side effects are associated with the drug she was put on. Like anything our doctor's give us, any medications given to your pets should be fully explained so that you know what you are looking for if anything seems out of the ordinary with your dog.