Mouse and Boo have a play date tomorrow!


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With 2 other Dachshunds!!!

I used to go to a small dog meet-up group, which was a ton of fun, but got cancelled. It was only once a month though.

A friend of mine who owns a doggie daycare has decided to start her own, every Sunday! And 2 other little doxies are coming! There were never any other doxies at the other play group, it was mostly chi's (boy do my little 8 lb doxies look HUGE compared to the tiny little chi's! LOL ) So this'll be good. The only thing I'm not happy about is her size limit is higher... up to 30 lbs, whereas the one from before was limited to 20 lbs. I stress over my dogs' backs and if they get playing with the bigger dogs, that may not be all that good for them.

I'll get pics tomorrow, so be prepared! LOL
I took my little 2 month old dachshund to meet my mother in law's dogs a 3 yr old female and male terriers as soon as they met my lily wanted to play with them but the other female dog was so protective of my puppy?! She would get in front of her and wouldn't let let male close to her!!! She growled at him every time he wanted to sniff my little Doxie! It was so weird she never left her side the whole time