Mini weiner is now biting his tongue


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My mini is now biting his tongue when eating, and has acquired a fear of food. Maybe he is biting his cheek. Anyway, it is hard to get him to eat out of a bowl or plate. He will only eat off the floor. Apparently he thinks the bowl causes him pain. We once thought he was getting a shock from the bowl, but that wasn't the problem. He is 4 years old, and this just started a month ago. we put him on canned food for a week to let his tongue heal, even though there seems to be nothing wrong with his tongue. He would only eat canned food if we held the bowl for him.
Any ideas?
have you had his mouth examined by a vet? he could have a inflammation in his mouth or another oral/dental issue causing him pain he is associating with his food or bowl.
The pain he has doesn't happen every time he eats. I guess if it gets worse, we will spring for the vet. He is more traumatized by the vet, than by his food.