Mini Dachshund Party Crasher


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I have a 4 year old mini dachshund who crashes every party we have. She has to be held in my arms the entire time or she runs around jumping on people, licking them, trying to sneak out the door through peoples legs, etc. If I try to kennel her, she screams like someone is murdering her. The vet even prescribed something to calm her that only made her more hyper! Does anyone have any suggestions? My daughter's 18th birthday party is this Sunday and I am not looking forward to carrying my little monster around the entire day.


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Wow guess she likes the party life lol.

Have you tried giving her a kong? That might help keeping her attention to something else other than 'party crashing'


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I was going to suggest a good chew for her that will keep her busy for a while. Fill a kong and then freeze it, that will make it last much longer then if you dont. The only other thing I can suggest is leash her to you for the party, this way she cant escape, she wont be jumping on people and you dont have to hold her or put her in her crate.