Introducing a new puppy


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I've had my beautiful long mini Ellie for 8 years now. She's quite a nervous dog around new people, can get stressed in new situations, she doesn't like being on her own and is very wary of other dogs. However my partners mum got a new dog and I was surprised how quickly she adapted to him, albeit she is the dominant one despite being ALOT smaller!! In saying all of this she has the most amazing personality and gives us so much back that we soon forget her funny ways!

We decided to expand our family because we now have a garden and we've just brought home 9 week old Ben. He's a smooth mini and just adorable! Ellie is staying with my mum for a week just so we can get Ben settled but I'm extremely anxious to bring her home so she can meet her new little 'brother'. My fear is that she will feel pushed out and will resent him. We've taken a month off work between us to get them settled in. At most, once we go back to work they'll only be on their own for 4 hours. I do also have a dog walker I can use.

Can anyone advise or tell me about their own experiences about introducing a new puppy to their doxie? Any help/tips would be most appreciated!




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We brought home a puppy when our older girl was 6. I introduced them outside at first, holding the puppy and letting Lupi sniff her. Most dogs are pretty tolerant of very young puppies, but watch them carefully just in case.

Initially, we kept the two dogs separated (the puppy in her x-pen while Lupi was out, or Lupi in another room while the puppy was out) until we were sure they were fine with each other. After a few days, they started sleeping together. It's been over a year now, and they've never fought. They cuddle together all the time! I do think it's important they both have their own safe places (crates or dog beds) where they can go to take breaks from each other when needed. Especially while the puppy is still a high-energy, bouncy little thing.

It's important they have fun together, but also important that they still get one-on-one time with you. Separate training classes or walks are nice. That way the puppy will bond with you guys and not just your older dog.