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Im sooo confused.........


New Member
Nov 5, 2010
Moonpie, Darma
ok my three week old mini dachshunds are now getting white on thier feet lol.. what do i call these beautiful babies lol.. they still havent darkened up.. they are way lighter than thier mom. which is black and tan... they have white on thier chests and now thier feet lol.. my husband is like well can you really call them black and tan.. if they have white on them .. i said i dont know let me ask the good people on the dachshund forum lol.. help :confused:
You say that the Dad was a Black and White Piebald? Didi he have any other colours on him? it sounds as if the white they have on them is coming from the Piebald, so they are either black/tan Piebald, or black/creme Piebald. on a Dachshund, white is undesirable in the show ring (AKC, CKC), and only accepted as a very small patch on their chest in some colours. Piabalds and Double Dapples are the only colours that have white, but are not accepted colours. (that was a round about way of saying: in order for your pups to have that much white on them, they would be called Piebalds :) They are still very young. Wait until they are 5-6 weeks old to decide on a colour to call them, and even then Colours can change as the pups mature. Consider poodles... a Silver Poodle is born completely black, by the age of 4-5 weeks, you'll start to see some lightening around the eyes... at 6-9 months they'll finally be mostly grey, but will continue to lighten as they age. Shepherd babies are born almost completely black and tan. but as they age they lighten into the typical colours. and dalmatians are born completely white, but get their spots at a few weeks. basically, I'm saying (again in a round-about way) just wait and see! LOL