I'm not a breeder but I have questions about my litter of pups


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My 4yr old Akc registered tan and brown male and my 3yr old female Isabella dapple(I believe mini chiweenie, her snout is just short I think)not registered as of yet will probably ckc as a mix breed just had their first litter of babies on Sunday . I'm going to give a little back story so hopefully not to be to poorly judged or ridiculed. I always intended on breeding these two dogs together she was purchased to be his mate but I intended on keeping three pups for myself and any additional pups would be given to family who were interested. For three years we have always kept them separate during her heat cycle we have been waiting to breed her. We wanted to make sure that we had the time and space to accomodate the new additions. Well needless to say I was incorrect in assuming her cycle was over and they hooked up and made babies. I still have not decided whether we are going to keep them or sell them. We are expecting out second baby in April and I am already on restrictions for this pregnancy so I'm not sure our home right now will be the best place for the puppies. The family member who was interested in any future puppies is no longer a family member so that option is out. Pups will be checked out by vet and have health guarantee, shots, potty trained, and raised around dogs, cats and kids. Mom and dad are both wonderful dogs with great temperament, who are healthy and will be papered should I decide to sell mom will be ckc dad is already akc. I paid $350 for mom and $600 for dad. My questions are pretty generic and probably sound stupid but here it goes.
1) If I sell the puppies how much do I ask? Both are female one is black and tan like dad other is a wild boar dapple.
2) Even though I am not a breeder can I require applications /interviews? And maintain correspondence with new owner to insure no removing of pups and they are healthy and happy with no issue?
3) Can I pay/contract so new owners will spay pups so they are not being breed? ( I know this is extremely hypocritical of me, but I never wanted to breed to sell and don't want these babies to be over breed for someone's financial gain)
4) At what point do I need to make up my mind if I am keeping them and start looking for prospective owners in my area? Like is there an age at which the removing process is harder on the momma and on the puppies or does it not matter?




Her maternal instinct has extended to my daughters kitten, she's not a part of the litter Lol.

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Well,I have no clue why do you wanted to make more mixed breed dogs to our so dog overpopulated World,but I can answer your questions.
The price should be reasonable,this means how much you spent on raising the puppies,so much you can ask.
And you MUST interview the next owners!It 's obligatory!You can't give away puppies to some random people you know nothing about just because they aren't purebred dogs.
You should make contracts and there should be points telling that they must spay/neuter,and that if they can't care for the dog anymore they must give it back to you.


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No reputable kennel club will register a mixed/cross bred/ or hybrid dog. Some false registry operations use the same acronym to scam the public into believing that the dog is "registered," but if the pup is not a pure bred, the certificate or "papers" you will receive from these fake registry operations is worthless.


OK first if you have bred a litter of puppies you ARE a breeder. The pups are here now so I won't go into the ethics of how they arrived. The first and foremost should be to find them good homes, money should not be the priority. For mixed breed dogs then really I personally would accept a "donation" from someone I trusted and thought would do the best for the pup. If you want to advertise them then please do not do this for free as there are some extremely unscrupulous people out there. The price should reflect whether you have health tested the parents (I sincerely hope you have), the vets fees, a contribution to their keep and any other expenses.

Check all prospective owners carefully, ask loads of questions, do they work, who will look after the pup, who is their vet etc etc.

Good luck in finding them happy suitable homes, remember you brought these babies into the world, and they are your responsibility.


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Breeders have different definitions in different parts of the World. :) First timers is not considered breeders in the United States. And many people have the love and compassion for animals to bring more into this world. Now to answer your questions to the best of my ability 1) Look at the prices that other dogs similar as yours and what they go for. 2) Look at your State Laws and talk to your local humane society. I am pretty sure you can do a type of screening to view where your pups will go . (Is there a local dachshund Rescue you could contact? 3) Again check into your state laws and see if that is applicable. (Doesn't sound hypocritical at all) 4) Removing them from their momma I don't really know on but I know around 8-10 weeks but no younger than 8 weeks. Earlier than 8 weeks can be detrimental to them down the road as they get older.

My curiosity is getting me, are you sure that your girl is a chiweenie? I understand with the short face but I have seen many doxies that have that and they are pure. Again Just my curiosity. :)

You have beautiful pups and a beautiful momma and I am sure that you will find the answers you are looking for!