I'm a lucky lady


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I was taking Engli to the vet this morning and the car broke down. It couldn't have been better, it broke in the garage on a nice day, and not out somewhere on the highway with a dog in the car.

The spring on the front broke and punctured the tire. I don't know how well that kind of incident would have gone had I been on the highway at 80 km/hour. I am very grateful for having Engli in a good kennel, strapped in. A car can be replaced, but my Engli cannot.

Having a grateful moment here, and squeezing Engli.

When taking your sweetie for a car ride, please consider buckling them in. You'll never regret doing it.


Hi Penny, I do agree with you, I am very lucky as I have a hatchback with a large boot and both my dogs wear a harness in the car safely strapped in. So glad you were all OK.