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Ideas for weight loss for my dachshund?


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Oct 27, 2011
Bella, Alleyah
Hi everyone! Im new to the website. Found it just browsing online. I have a questions- My dachshund "Bella" is a little overweight. She weighs about 17 lbs and her vet would like to see her at around 15 for her size (i would like her to be around 14). She eats the Nutro Lite hard food and I was just wondering about some activities that will help her lose weight. I just tried walking her about 2 miles for a few days (she loved it and acted like she wanted to go further) but then I noticed when i walked her that long she developed a small bump in between her toes. The same thing happened about a year ago when my roomate was taking her on long walks so I assuming its a type of blister. Vet just wants to put her on antibiotics but they do not work and they are not painful to her. She never bites or licks them. Anyways, sorry got off topic, I'm good at that. But anyways, does anyone have any weight loss ideas? She is a 3 1/2 year old red, short haired dachshund.

Thanks everyone!
When I adopted Boo, he was overweight. He was 10lbs, but should be around 9... a pound doesn't sound like much, but he needed to lose a tenth of his body weight! I fed Natural Balence LID Fish and Sweet Potato. A grain-free food with 21% protein, 10% fat and 4% fiber (fiber is very important for weight loss) I dont like Nutro, of any kind as it's mostly grains, which are empty calories for dogs (like feeding sugar to people) So you have to feed more for them to get the proper nutrition. Boo get's 1/3 of a cup 2x per day, but I will skip a meal with my dogs once in awhile just to help keep their metabolism up. I train tricks for their meals more often than not, so they're working for their food. Which helps. Boo lost all the weight in 3 months, he's still alot stockier than Mouse, but he's not overweight, and looks perfect.

He only get's short walks for the most part, but we play alot in the house, plus trick train, so he gets alot of physical exercise in the house.