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Itoy and Suerti

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Just wondering how you all feel about Home meals? Both my boys get home cooked meals - NOT scraps off our plates, but what ever my partner and I eat, we cook enough for our two boys as well... eg. If my partner and I are having steak and veggies, we cook 4 portions (although the two boys get smaller ones LOL) This said - I do not add salt to their meals, and I add pleanty of vegetables and healthy things. In the morning they do get good quality kibble - but this is really the only "dog food" i buy them (apart from treats). :p


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I am a supporter of feeding fresh food... But not necessarily people food. Veggies aren't really all that beneficial to dogs and cooked meat isn't, either. Raw meat would be best for them as far as feeding fresh/raw meals.


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Home meals for dogs is a better route to take. You know what you are giving the dog and you will know if their GI system can handle it.


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Homemade meals, i like cooking and it doesn't make any difference to feed one more. Isabel only eats little meals anyway as she is so tiny.


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i feed

I don't find your way bad at all as long as there healthy and happy I feed eukanuba Dachshund dry and proplan sensitive skin and stomach wet and a couple more brands of wet depends on the prices