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How many of us have rescued Dachshunds?


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Oct 5, 2010
3 mutts, two deaf/vi mini Dachshund
I thought I'd start this area up. I've seen a couple of people introduce their rescued Doxies. So here's my girl's story.

A fellow deaf dog rescuer in Spokane, WA e-mailed me about a little deaf pup on Craigslist.... I couldn't say no. I asked my friend to get her for me, and could she PLEASE foster her until I'm brave enough to drive through the mountains? She agreed and drove an hour North of her city to pick up Mouse... except the people decided they weren't sure about letting her go... even tho their post stated that they couldn't afford to feed three dogs. Well my friend and I were both really upset, but I let it go. But 2 weeks later my friend e-mailed me again that she got her! I was sooo stoked! Apparently, a friend of hers is a dachshund rescuer, and was able to convince these people to give her up.... YAYYY for me!

apparently, Mouse was kept outside (born the end of Dec.) with a "nice bed of straw to sleep on":eek::eek::eek: She is missing half a foot, is totally deaf and doesn't see well... but she is such a sweet baby and is a great asset for me in my quest to stop people from killing deaf dogs, just cuz their deaf. EVERYONE wants to meet her she is really unique. She is also quite small, only 8.5 lbs at 22 months old. She is a love bug, and really adores people, dogs, cats, kids but the love of her life is FOOD:D

Anyway that's Mouse's story, let's hear the other rescue stories here!
:confused::(A bed of straw!!!! please tell me you are joking! That is horrible!! Poor little one! I couldn't imagine leaving our boys outside in ANY weather. Granted, they love playing in the snow...but I coax them back inside after a few minutes. sorry, people like that make me soooo mad.
we havent rescued but I would love to rescue a Doxie and give them a loving new home x
I found Leo at the SPCA. I had wated a dog forever but no time ever seemed like the right time to get one. So I left it to chance, I happened to go to the SPCA with a friend from school because she wanted to see the shelter and I said I would show her around since I had been there a few times. Leo was sitting in his cage on the cold concrete with his nose stuck though the bars looking very withdrawn and stressed but not over scared. His name was already Leo (which happened to be the name of my BF's grandfather).
So with a bit of convincing I was able to get my BF to go to the shelter to see him t he next day. He agreed we should apply for him and we were accepted :)
He was almost 9 months old and had lived about 5 months in a Petstore :mad: Someone had bought him and had him a month but the neighbors complained he barked when left alone (really now?) so it was out with him.
I got really lucky he had no vices and was essentially a clean slate.
He needed some human socialization and acclimation to going outside, walking on leashes, doing stairs, basically he just needed some time and patience.
We have now had him 7 months and he is doing great, he is a very quiet boy, he still barks some when we leave him, and likes his routines. He now likes going outside and meeting other dogs, he gets very rambunctious and playful with certain dogs but knows his manors. We got real lucky with this boy.
WOW you really did get lucky, and I'd say so did Leo :) He's a gorgeous boy!

Hi Guys,
I have a 3 year old tweenie doxie that I got at a shelter about 6 months back. She is a total sweetheart and thrives on attention.

I saw her profile on a local shelter's website and it gave the story of how she got there.
She had been stepped on by her previous owner (it broke her front leg) and they did not have the money for her operation. Her owner was prepared to put her down. The veterinarian knew Kadie and what a sweet dog she was so he took her to UC Davis so the vet students could fix her and eventually put her up for adoption. It was several months of healing and therapy to get her back in shape and eventually her limp and shaved patches went away.

She gets anxiety when I leave my home or take her in the car sometimes because she thinks that I am going to leave her. When I went away one weekend and left her with my parents, I came back and as soon as she saw me, she was so excited that she peed on the spot. It's heartbreaking that she had to lose her family like that and affects her even now.

Previous to finding Kadie, I had actually been looking into buying a puppy through a pet store or breeder so that I could be there when he or she grows up and can create a stronger bond. In retrospect, I'm really glad that I chose to adopt because I think that the fact that Kadie has been through a lot makes her appreciate us more and I can't imagine any dog being more attached to her family and being more loving.


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well, its not really a rescue, but a friend of us had 3 dachshund puppies and she couldnt take care of two of them, so we took the female and she seems to be adjusting well.
Jarvis McWarvis

My husband found Jarvis on Craigslist, a lady had rescued 4 doxies from a puppy mill and her husband said she had too many dogs. She had left them outside and he was covered in ticks and was almost starved to death. The other ogs wouldn't let him eat and he had worms. So we bathed him, got him medicine and my husband picked ticks off of him for hours. He was quick to potty train and acclimated very well. He is the sweetest dog, he is such a lover! He sits in our lap ALL the time. :D
aww that is lovely to hear, well done you :)
I rescured my Doxie from the cold...It was mid winter and he was wondering outsie my friends house eating trash...the sad thing is he was hair less, full of mange...I cryed so hard I just took him and a month later he had a full coat and new buddies..I named him Longfello Weens from the movie Mr.Deeds..I just couldn't believe how someone could just hurt a doxie like that..I have had doxies my hole life and had no problem adding to my family..two years later he mated with my black and ton doxie Mama and had Four puppies...I am very proud of myself for rescuring my Longfello
My Sweet Pea is a rescue. I got her from my local CCA. I had originally gone there to look at a terrierX puppy when Sweet Pea came running to me and jumped into my car. She had been running wild for weeks in the cold before they could trap her. She was malnourished and very skid-dish. It was love at first lick. She wasn't even listed on the CCA site for they feared she couldn't go to another home after she had become attached to her foster mom. They let me drive off with her that day and we have been inseparable ever since. I was told that they thought she was a breeder dog that most likely spent most of her life in a kennel and then got too old to breed, so she was just dumped off in the country.
No worries though...she's the queen bee sheba now. LOL
I Luuuuuuuv my Sweet Pea!!!!!
sounds like a match made in heaven, and every rescuer/foster's dream. thank you :)