housetraining reset!

hey everyone! first post!
A little backstory. I have my Little Evey, who is a 20 week old female Dachshund. For the most part, shes a dream. She really doesnt get into trouble, sleeps well, knows a few basic commands, cute as a button. You get my drift. but potty training has been a NIGHTMARE... my fault.

At first she had a playpen we kept her in with a bed, toys, and a pee pad. She was doing great with pee pads and then about 2-3 weeks ago she just... stopped. shed go right beside them or near them. not on them. So, me and the boyfriend decided we would do our best to start crate training her and start getting her to go outside... and thats where the insanity starts. Evey doesnt care about peeing or pooping in her living space. she seems to know its a ticket to get let out. Boyfriend gets up at 5:30 for work. Evey almost as soon as he opens our bedroom door, she starts barking and crying... when i get up to check on her? shes peed. So i let her out and go to clean up the mess? she poops. every morning. Mornings matt doesnt have to work? It varies. could be be 6. could be 6:30... its sometimes 8. she never wakes up and goes at a reliable time.
She pees outside okay. not great. okay. I CANNOT get this girl to poop outside. I throw her poop out there so she can smell it and see thats where it goes.
What i want to do is a complete reset of sorts. I want her to go out at -7- in the morning and stop peeing in her crate. and yes, her crate is sectioned. she barely has any room in there to turn around hoping it would discourage her.. nope lol
Also, i work as a hairstylist and my schedule is random. so some days i may work 9-3, another 2-9 and another 11-6. Her daddy however is reliably 7-4.

Any advice? Words of encouragement?


You're really scaring me. I'm contemplating adopting a seven month old piebald on Friday. The housebreaking thing has me terrified. I thought for sure a crate would help. But your post disproves that theory. Hoping that an experienced doxie owner will reply soon.

Relax. Housebreaking is not hugely difficult. It mostly requires persistance and consistency. Look around the forum and ask questions. There are some real experts here (not me) who can address your concerns and give you the confidence you need.

The good news is that doxies are small dogs, and they make small poops. If you've got $5,000 persian rug on the floor, you might want to roll it up for the next 6 months, but otherwise, you'll do fine.

Expects "accidents", don't yell at the pup, and approach him or her with the attidude of a teacher, not a disciplinarian.

Welcome to the forum, and be sure to post pics once you pick up your doxie so we can all ooh and ahh!


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I've given advice on several other threads, and dont have time to re-write that book LOL so do a search of the housetraining threads. but I'll give you 2 main points. 1- party hard when she does it right, ignore the bad and 2- dont just let her outside, go out with her on a leash and STAND IN ONE SPOT until she's done. if she does nothing in 5 minutes, take her in ON A LEASH and watch her closely. if she looks like she's going to go, rush her outside and stand in one spot until she goes. when she does, revert to point one then give her freedom in the house. take her out ever 30 minutes or so, always party for a pee/poo.


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The indoor leash thing really does work. I had to do it for about a day with my older girl and it worked like a charm.


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Try and stick to a routine as much as you can, i know its hard with work, dont chop and change with method and eventually Evey will get the message, dont expect to much and dont beat yourself up if it dosnt seem to be working she will get there in the end. Evey is still a puppy and puppies and babies are very similar they both need routine and they both wont pee/poo on the floor for ever. good luck your get there xxx