Housebreaking an older dachshund?


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Has anyone here had success in housebreaking an older dachshund (5yrs old?) If so how long did it take? Thanks!


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When adopting an adult, it always takes time for them to get used to the routine, what's expected of them, etc. It takes as long as it takes, be patient.

What worked for Engli was that I had a baby gate up, and when she went on the papers, the gate came down and we had some ball time. (it was the dead of winter when she came here) Ball time was her currency, more than food. It got to the point that all I had to do was put the gate up, say 'go pee' and she'd run over and pee on the papers. The gate was only up for a minute. It took time though and we found out what worked for her. Beau got with the program pretty quick too but it was spring when we got him.

Good luck with the new sweetie.

Edit: I just saw that you've had her for 2 years so she's not new. I would be very frustrated too! Well maybe playtime might be her currency too.
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Thanks for your reply, Penny. Well the mini girl we had for 2 yrs found a new home. We worked with her diligently! I think she was just a "marker" by nature. She went to a home with all tile floors and they did not mind cleaning up after her.

So now we have our Jack (6.5yrs) and Charlie (1.5 yrs) Jack came to us at 9 months old, not housebroken. It took about 1 yr and now he is totally housebroken.

Charlie came to us at 10 weeks, and he is 75 % housebroken. He is getting there.

I had the opportunity to bring home a retired show doxie (a champion), beautiful red girl. She is crate trained but has never been housebroken. I really wanted to bring her home, but I am worried how long it could take to housebreak her because she is 5yrs old now. It could go well, or it could be a long, drawn out nightmare.

So undecided... ugh.


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Works with any age:
House breaking 101 :
If you take them out on about a 6 ft leash it helps keep them focused tell them go potty ,hurry up or what ever words you want to use just use the same words each time. Stand in one spot let them go all around you till they find the spot then Praise like it is the greatest thing you ever saw. If they do not go in about 20 minutes go back in and crate them or tie them to you them go back out in about 30 minutes.pups need to go out after naps,playing, eating & drinking 1st thing in the morning last thing at night depending on the age of the pup you may need to take them out at night too. Always use a pet urine enzyme to clean up all traces of urine or feces you can use a black light to find all traces. It takes about 3-6 months of contestant training to house break a pup the more accidents they have the longer it takes. Hang a bell on the door you go out you ring it until the pup gets the idea how to ring it yes sometimes they ring it to go look at a squirrel but its a phase they go though you just have to go though it with them. Do not forget to praise each time they go to reinforce the potty training. If you are consistent you will also have a pup/dog that will go potty on command comes in handy when it rains,snow, is icy, on a trip at night . People will think you are a amazing trainer too. Good Luck with your new baby.
Are you going out each time with him and making sure he goes and praising every time he goes I believe it is important to ask them if they need to go potty or what ever words you want to use same words each time though. When he is playing you might ask him if he needs to go like a little reminder. I still to this day ask mine if they want to go if they have been in the house awhile.If you hang bells on the door if you ring them each time when taking him out he will learn to ring the bells on his own. This system really works just have to be consistent with it.Hang in there.Learned this years ago from a old dog show person.