Hi My Name is Lorie....


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I am a new member as of today. I joined this site in hope of gaining some knowledge about Dachshunds.

I am awaiting word of the birth of my first Dachshund. Her litter is due in Mid-May and I will hopefully be getting her around Mid-July.

I am very excited about our newest little addition. I have requested a black/tan smooth coat female. Depending on what the litter produces - I will have first pick of the litter.

I have owned a Yorkshire Terrier years ago but currently have two Boxers. I love all animals.

I decided to go with a small dog this time. My 10 year old female boxer (Madison) is getting old and has been diagnosed with cancer so we don't really know for sure how much time we will have left with her. She is doing fine right now and is the light of our lives.

Any help you all can give in regards to what I can expect with my new Dachshund is greatly appreciate.

Thank you.
welcome to the forum, congrats on being a soon-to be doxie mom! They are the cutest little dogs so you have to be careful not to spoil your girl too much or she might get a complex! They are very spirited lively little dogs with a lot of enthusiasm. You will want to try and avoid too much jumping and stairs as it can be hard on their backs but otherwise they are pretty tough little dogs, but are known for being stubborn.

Doxie's are also very much lap dogs... they want to be ON YOU at all times LOL. They're smart, but stubborn, so figuring out what motivates your new puppy is a very good idea, right from the start.

The best advice I can give: Do not let them get overweight, it is extremely bad for their already weak backs.

Enjoy your new puppy, and please, please, PLEASE post pics of her/him when he/she arrives!